The Plan

Bolton Browne, Sport music, Music Olympia World Record

The plan is to first record my three symphonic works in a London studio. This is where it will be essential to have a professional orchestra and the very best producer to make a double CD and master the final edit. A documentary film will be made following the progress of the campaign and a universal music group will distribute the album.

I will then make a formal presentation of this album to the UN General Assembly in New York, giving 193 nations a commemorative copy as a tribute to the UK's peacekeeping heritage through sport.

This is then followed by the World Premiere in London's Olympic Park which finishes by passing the baton in a global relay to waiting orchestras across 24 time zones. We turn sport into music with the album and music back into sport with the relay. Conductors are given a chance to demonstrate cultural variation against a level playing field and the entire world gets to hear for the first time what peace sounds like when united nations work together in concert. We all know what war sounds like but what about peace... 24 hour news coverage picks up the lasting legacy story.

The Composer

Bolton Browne, Sport music, Music Olympics World Record

Bolton Browne began composing at age three, publishing his first poem, Wind Horse, in the Lymington Times 1996. Fifteen years later this poem developed into Equestrian Concerto for Violoncello. The late Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes, selected his early poetry for publication with MacMillan Publishing Ltd which was performed at the National Theatre in London in 1997. He then went on to win the Bridport Prize for Poetry.

He began composing orchestral works aged eight, premiering Jupiter with the New Forest Junior Chamber Orchestra under Angela Bonetti in 2003. In 2007 Bolton’s orchestral science music came to the attention of Sir Patrick Moore and Mars premiered with the Westbourne Symphony Orchestra in a series of three concerts in Bournemouth. The National Association for Gifted Children recognised this premiere by giving him the nation’s top achievement award for young people under the age of 25 presented by HRH the Duchess of Gloucester at a Gala Luncheon held at Ironmongers Hall in London. A DVD of the concerts sold well and he did his first radio interview.

Maestro Colin Metters of the Royal Academy of Music prepared him for the conducting of his three large scale orchestral works written and funded in part by the Hampshire Country Council, Hampshire County Music Service and the Seary Charitable Trust who awarded him grants for Excellence in Music Composition.